Property Snapshot

Bowra Property Profile


Bowra is located near Cunnamulla in southern Queensland. It is in a high priority bioregion: the Mulga Bioregion has less than 5% reservation level.


Bowra covers approximately 14,000 hectares (35,000 acres).


Bowra protects 15 regional ecosystems, none of which occur on other AWC properties:

  • six of these broad ecosystem types are listed as threatened.
  • five of the ecosystems are not found in any national parks, while another seven are poorly protected in national parks.

The condition of Bowra is very good. There is a fine-scale mosaic of habitat types, with good structural complexity, thus supporting a diversity of wildlife.

Features of Bowra include:

  • Mulga communities, often mixed with Poplar Box and bloodwoods, dominating the low scarp and elevated ridges in the northern section of the property.
  • The southern section of Bowra comprises mainly alluvial plains decorated by gidgee and Coolabah open woodlands. Low sand ridges rise marginally above the plains, hosting Cypress Pine and more bloodwood and Poplar Box.
  • Majestic River Red Gums guard the length of Gumholes Creek, the property's major watercourse. Permanent, deep waterholes are a feature of this creek. Bowra lies within the catchment of both the Warrego and Paroo Rivers, two of the most biologically significant rivers within the Murray-Darling basin.
  • Bowra hosts numerous other wetlands ranging from Bluebush swamps to gilgais and other smaller swamps.


Bowra is home to:

  • over 200 bird species - a remarkable number for a property of this size (click here for more information on Bowra's birds);
  • an estimated 31 mammal species;
  • 65 reptiles and over 20 amphibians.

There are at least 12 rare and threatened species. 


Please help protect Bowra


Our initial target of $1 million has been reached.  Thank you to all of our supporters for helping with the acquisition of Bowra and for contributing to initial management costs.  A special thank you to our generous supporters who matched donations to Bowra and who made this project possible.  We are continuing to raise funds for ongoing management.

All donations of $300 or more, and all monthly pledges of $35 or more, will be acknowledged on a special plaque that will be erected at Bowra to commemorate the ‘Friends of Bowra’.

The Federal Government has provided a generous grant from the National Reserve System to assist with the purchase of Bowra.