Our staff

Atticus Fleming
Atticus Fleming
Chief Executive
Special skills / qualifications
Law degree; Commerce degree; seam/swing bowling for University of NSW cricket club.
What did you do before AWC?
Advisor on personal staff of Federal Environment Minister (Robert Hill); Constitutional law (Attorney-General's Department); Corporate law (Mallesons); pulling beers (various).
Favourite animal protected by AWC
Lesser Bilby (it is on Kalamurina somewhere).
Favourite place on an AWC sanctuary
The place on Kalamurina where we find the Lesser Bilby; too many other places to list ... e.g. coast at Pungalina-Seven Emu, woodlands on Mount Zero-Taravale.
Top three animals you would like to see (or have seen) in the wild
Water Chevrotain, Spix's Macaw, Snow Leopard.
If you could visit any three places on the planet
Angola, Tibesti Mountains, northern Burma, the stadium where Parramatta win their next NRL Premiership.
Other interesting stuff
My great grandfather was the second of 21 kids ... in 1895/6, he rode a pushbike from northern NSW to Kalgoorlie ... and back again a few years later.