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Danae Moore
Danae Moore
Senior Field Ecologist
Special skills / qualifications
Master Phil-Biological Sciences (current) - The interaction between Great Desert Skink burrow occupancy, fire and predators;

Post-grad Cert. Sc;

BApSc (Environmental Management) and;

A top veggie gardener!
What did you do before AWC?
I worked as an ecologist with an Alice Springs based environmental consultant for a number of years.

I went on to work with the Central Land Council coordinating the Indigenous Warlpiri Ranger program and set the ball rolling for the establishment of the Southern Tanami Indigenous Protected Area (IPA) which borders Newhaven.
Favourite animal protected by AWC
Great Desert Skink.
Favourite place on an AWC sanctuary
A clay-pan perched high on a gypsum rise overlooking a salt-lake and the Siddeley Range.
Top three animals you would like to see (or have seen) in the wild
Bactrian camel, Marsupial mole, and a Mala in the wild.
If you could visit any three places on the planet
Yinapaka (Lake Surprise) in the southern Tanami desert after flooding rains; Taklamakan desert in China; and the Central Plateau in Tasmania.
Other interesting stuff
I spent twelve months working in rural China before moving to Alice Springs. Since then I have spent many days walking with Joe and our camel string within many deserts. I love eating from my veggie garden, being a mother, and drinking a good 'cuppa' tea.