Our staff

Wayne Sparrow
Wayne Sparrow
The Pilliga
Pilliga Operations Mananger
Special skills / qualifications
Advanced Diploma in Conservation and Land Management, basically I know a wide range of land management stuff and stuff I don’t know I Google :-)
What did you do before AWC?
My career started out working for National Parks and Wildlife in multiple locations in South Australia, whilst on a trip around Australia I found work with the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service, based initially on Cape York Peninsula then transferring to the Wide Bay region.
Favourite animal protected by AWC
That’s easy, Crocodylus Porosus and any of the large pythons.
Favourite place on an AWC sanctuary
How can you just pick one? With such a diverse country to explore they all have their own hidden gems.
Top three animals you would like to see (or have seen) in the wild
Thylacoleo carnifex - The true Australian drop bear, but I think I might have missed that chance by a few thousand years.
Green Python - Seen in captivity but now hard to find in the wild.
Any and all of them really, they are all great.
If you could visit any three places on the planet
Still enjoying exploring what Australia has to offer and for now that's satisfying me.