Wildlife Matters December 2002

Mornington-Marion Downs | Mount Zero-Taravale | Yookamurra | Buckaringa | Dakalanta | Scotia | Faure Island | Karakamia | Paruna | Mt Gibson
Field Programs
Science: surveys and research | Wildlife translocations

In this issue:

  • Saving Australia's threatened wildlife
  • New bushcamp at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary: Discover the wildlife of the Central Kimberley
  • New sanctuaries boost protection for threatened wildlife and ecosystems
  • World heritage island welcomes endangered mammals
  • AWC conservation programs in action
  • Rescue Operation for Western Ringtail Possums
  • Historic Moment for Private Sector Conservation
  • AWC Protects Endangered Rock Wallaby
  • Malleefowl Conservation at Yookamurra
  • Visiting an AWC sanctuary

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