New Foundation To Save Endangered Aquatic Wildlife

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July 2005:Grey Nurse Sharks, Sea Turtles and Sea Dragons are just some of the threatened species which will enjoy a more secure future following the establishment today of the Sydney Aquarium Conservation Foundation.

Speaking at the launch of the new Foundation, Atticus Fleming (Chief Executive of Australian Wildlife Conservancy) said the Foundation was a ground breaking initiative which offers new hope for Australia’s endangered wildlife.“

Australia’s marine and freshwater habitats are home to an incredible diversity of wildlife including species unique to Australia. Sadly, however, many of these species are being pushed to the edge of extinction by pollution, coastal development, over-fishing and climate change.”

“The Sydney Aquarium Conservation Foundation has been set up to help prevent a wave of extinctions engulfing our aquatic wildlife. It is an innovative partnership between AWC, a charitable organisation dedicated to saving endangered wildlife, and Sydney Aquarium, a major corporation which is strongly committed to conservation and environmental education”.

The new Foundation will protect Australia’s aquatic wildlife by supporting:

  • projects to protect and restore populations of threatened species, including captive breeding of the critically endangered Grey Nurse Shark;
  • research to unlock the secrets to survival for endangered aquatic life; and
  • public awareness of the threats to our aquatic ecosystems.

Donations in support of the Foundation are tax deductible and each of the 1.3 million visitors to Sydney Aquarium will be given the opportunity to help the Foundation save Australia’s endangered aquatic wildlife.

AWC protects 13 wildlife sanctuaries around Australia including a world heritage-listed island in Shark Bay and iconic freshwater habitats along the Fitzroy River(WA) and Mitchell River (Qld).