AWC honoured as Prime Minister's Environmentalist of the Year

Faure Island | Mornington-Marion Downs | Scotia

July 2006: Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) has been honoured with the nation’s most prestigious award for conservation – the Prime Minister’s Environmentalist of the Year Award.

The award recognises AWC’s outstanding contribution to the protection of Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems.

AWC now owns and manages 14 sanctuaries covering 917,000 hectares (2.3 million acres) around Australia. AWC sanctuaries protect more than 55% of all Australian mammal species and more than 60% of all Australian bird species.

In addition to celebrating AWC’s ‘on-ground’ achievements, the award also acknowledges AWC’s leadership in helping to establish a new model for conservation in Australia.

Funded by donations from supporters around Australia, AWC is translating philanthropic goodwill into practical, on-ground conservation. This model promises new hope for many of Australia’s most endangered species, including the Bilby, the Gouldian Finch, the Cassowary and the Yellow-footed Rock-wallaby (all of which are protected on AWC sanctuaries).

Some of AWC’s achievements include:

  • The establishment of the largest non-government nature reserve in Australia – the 312,000 hectare Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary in the central Kimberley.
  • Carrying out more than 30 successful translocations of rare and endangered mammals.
  • AWC’s world heritage listed Faure Island sanctuary is the third largest island in the world from which cats have been eradicated.
  • At Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in western NSW, AWC is establishing the largest feral predator-free area on mainland Australia and returning seven endangered mammal species to the wild as part of a project which Sir David Attenborough describes as "a vitally important project for Australia and the planet".

AWC’s achievements are driven by the dedication of our staff, particularly those working in the field, often in remote and challenging environments, who are implementing feral animal control, weed control and fire management programs.

In addition, our achievements would not have been possible without the strong support of our donors, volunteers and other supporters. Thank you to all AWC supporters.

AWC acknowledges with appreciation the support of the Australian Government for private sector conservation including through programs such as the National Reserves Systems program.

The PM’s Environmentalist of the Year Award is part of the Banksia Foundation: 2006 Awards Program. Previous winners include Professor Peter Cullen from the Wentworth Group. For more information on the awards, go to