Wildlife Matters June 2007

Kalamurina | Newhaven | Mornington-Marion Downs | Wongalara | Brooklyn | Paruna | Mount Zero-Taravale | Scotia
Field Programs
Fire management | Science: surveys and research | Feral cat and fox control | Wildlife translocations | Feral herbivore control

In this issue:

  • Breaking news: Kalamurina AWC bids to link Lake Eyre & the Simpson Desert
  • Newhaven
  • Solar Power at Mornington: Reducing our carbon footprint
  • The Thomas Challenge
  • Wongalara Wildlife Sanctuary: Delivering practical land management at AWC's newest sanctuary
  • Brooklyn Wildlife Sanctuary: Inventory and monitoring in a biodiversity hotspot
  • Paruna Wildlife Sanctuary
  • A new approach to fire management in the Central Kimberley: Implementing a co-ordinated fire strategy across more than 8 million acres
  • The Red-backed Fairy-wren: Defining a model for wildlife-friendly fire
  • Australia's Mammal Extinctions
  • Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary: Measuring the success of AWC's threatened mammal releases

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