Exterra forges new partnership with AWC to conserve threatened species in northern Australia

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October 2008: Exterra and Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) are pleased to announce an exciting new partnership that will make a vital contribution to the conservation of northern Australia’s threatened wildlife and ecosystems.

Northern Australia is considered one of the last great wild places on the planet, alongside the Amazon, Antarctica and the Boreal Conifer Forests of Alaska. Sadly however, there is already clear evidence that the wildlife of Northern Australia is in trouble: mammal populations have declined significantly, even in iconic places like Kakadu National Park. Unless urgent action is taken, a wave of extinctions is likely to engulf many of northern Australia’s exotic species.

Few people realize that Australia has the worst mammal extinction record in the world and this tragic list continues to grow. Australian Wildlife Conservancy is an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to turning back this tide of extinctions. AWC’s strategy is to acquire land which contains vital habitat for endangered species and to then actively manage these properties to ensure the survival and recovery of threatened species and habitats.

With support from Exterra, AWC will continue to make a significant contribution to the conservation of northern Australia. Already AWC owns and manages a national network of 19 wildlife sanctuaries, protecting more than 2.4 million hectares (nearly 6 million acres) and over 300 ecosystems, making AWC the largest non-government landholder in Australia. This estate also protects more terrestrial animal species than any other organisation in Australia.
Exterra is the leading brand in Australia for termite management. The Exterra Termite Interception and Baiting System was launched in Australia in August 2002 and is now distributed in 28 countries around the globe.
The Exterra brand is owned by Ensystex Inc, a global, privately owned company that was established 14 years ago. Ensystex manufactures and supplies premium quality, environmentally responsible, urban pest management solutions for use by professional pest managers in the urban pest management market. Ensystex's vision is to be "the first choice for environmentally responsible, effective, long-term pest management solutions."
Exterra will set a target to sell 5000 product installments in the first year of this partnership. Exterra and their pest managers will jointly contribute funds from each installment to AWC - and each installment will help AWC to secure 10 hectares (22 acres) of threatened wilderness in northern Australia.

Steve Broadbent, Exterra’s International Technical Director says:

"AWC represents an exciting new model for conservation in Australia, one which is generating a groundswell of support from individual Australians whose generosity has helped AWC secure over 2.4 million hectares in places like the rainforests of northern Queensland, the remote Kimberley, the arid outback of NSW, the desert dunes of central Australia and the south west forests. AWC sanctuaries protect a significant proportion of Australia’s biodiversity, including 72% of all bird species and 67% of all terrestrial mammal species. With Exterra’s pest managers on board and the general public's support of our product, many more hectares of land and threatened wildlife will be saved."

Chief Executive of AWC, Atticus Fleming, commented: "Exterra’s support offers new hope to the threatened wildlife and ecosystems of northern Australia and demonstrates that corporate support can make a significant difference to the future survival of Australia's endangered wildlife. Although corporate support for wildlife conservation is still young in Australia, we hope that Exterra’s investment will encourage others to take their lead."

For further details and interview opportunities contact Roma Sharp on tel: 08 9380 9633 or email Roma@australianwildlife.org .