Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes interviews AWC in “The Vanishing”

Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes interviews AWC in “The Vanishing”
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Channel Nine’s 60 Minutes interviews AWC in “The Vanishing” - 27 June 2010

July 2010: Australian Wildlife Conservancy recently featured in a 60 Minutes report on the role of private conservation in saving Australia's threatened species.

The episode, partly filmed at AWC's Mornington Sanctuary in the Kimberley, focused on the alarming decline of Australia's wildlife including species like the Gouldian Finch and Pale Field Rat (see our feature 'Where have all the mammals gone' and our 'Northern Mammals Recovery Project' in the Winter edition of Wildlife Matters).

AWC's Wildlife Ecologist, Steve Murphy, was interviewed by Liz Hayes as they explored the spectacular Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary and documented AWC’s on-ground strategies for addressing the threats to our wildlife, such as feral cats, uncontrolled fire and feral herbivores. 

The episode showcased the work of AWC and raised awareness of the threats to our wildlife to a mass audience of nearly 2 million Australians.