AWC's work at Kalamurina to feature on Channel 7, Sunday Night

AWC's work at Kalamurina to feature on Channel 7, Sunday Night

July 2011: Australian Wildlife Conservancy and our conservation programs at Kalamurina, adjacent to Lake Eyre, will be featured on prime time television this weekend.  Mike Munro is the presenter for a segment on Sunday Night, a current affairs program which screens on Channel 7 at 6.30pm on Sunday evening.

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Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary is currently witness to one of Australia’s greatest natural spectacles... the filling of Lake Eyre. Covering over 660,000 hectares, including the north shore of Lake Eyre and the last 100 kilometres of the Warburton River, Kalamurina is Australia’s largest non-government protected area.

After substantial rains in Queensland and South Australia, the Warburton River is flooding for its third consecutive year and Lake Eyre reached its highest level in 40 years. The floodwaters have inspired a boom in wildlife, with large numbers of small mammals and water birds concentrating on the plains and wetlands adjacent to the river.

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AWC’s role in protecting the wildlife of the Lake Eyre region is vitally important. The destocking and feral animal control on Kalamurina means that, for the first time in decades, the ecological benefits delivered by the floodwaters can be sustained. The boom in small mammals will be extended, coolabah recruitment will occur and there will be more resources for water birds to breed.

Kalamurina is home to a number of threatened species including the Crest-tailed Mulgara and Dusky Hopping Mouse. Other mammals recorded at Kalamurina include the Kultarr, Long-haired Rat, Fat-tailed Dunnart, Stripe-faced Dunnart, Echidna, Dingo, Red Kangaroo and various bat species. The Lake Eyre Dragon also exists on the shores of Lake Eyre at Kalamurina.

Kalamurina was acquired in 2007 with assistance from the Australian Government and the generous support of AWC donors, especially The Nature Conservancy and the Thomas Foundation. Kalamurina links the Lake Eyre National Park and the Simpson Desert Regional Reserve, creating a network of protected areas across two States and covering a total of more than seven million hectares. This single area is larger than the State of Tasmania.

Lake Eyre is the largest lake in Australia and the fifth largest terminal lake in the world. Lake Eyre is listed as a nationally important wetland, making Kalamurina critical to its integrity.

For information on tours to the Lake Eyre region including a visit to Kalamurina visit Outback Spirit