Wildlife Matters Summer 2011/12

Mornington-Marion Downs | Charnley River – Artesian Range | Wongalara | Newhaven | Scotia | Mt Gibson | Kalamurina | Pungalina-Seven Emu | Brooklyn | Mount Zero-Taravale | Buckaringa | Bowra | Yookamurra | North Head
Field Programs
Wildlife translocations | Science: surveys and research | Fire management | Feral cat and fox control

In this issue:

  • Andjin and Gija crew protecting Kimberley country with AWC
  • Exploring the Artesian Range: a vital refuge for northern Australia's threatened mammals
  • Developing strategies to reduce the impact of feral cats
  • Kimberley initiative maps strategy for Purple-crowned Fairywren
  • Wongalara: reversing the small mammal decline in northern Australia
  • Newhaven: responding to wildfire challenge
  • Scotia: new horizons for the Bridled Nailtail Wallaby 
  • Biological surveys across Australia
  • Ecosystem engineers: how reintroducing native mammals will boost landscape health
  • Stick-nest Rats thriving at Mt Gibson
  • Journey back in time at Karakamia
  • Six copies of the classic What Bird is That? to be won by AWC supporters
  • Optus partnership raises awareness

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