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June 2012: AWC's Kimberley initiatives featured in The Australian on Saturday 9 June, 2012. Read the news piece:part 1 and part 2.

The Western Australian Government has announced funding under its Kimberley Science and Conservation Strategy for three major Kimberley initiatives to be delivered by AWC. These initiatives represent an important new partnership model involving Government, AWC and a range of landholders and other stakeholders in the Kimberley.

These projects will help deliver effective conservation for a range of threatened and endemic Kimberley species including the Gouldian Finch, the Golden-backed Tree-rat, the Golden Bandicoot, the Monjon, the Scaly-tailed Possum and the Black Grasswren.     

  • The Yulmbu project is a collaboration with the Yulmbu indigenous community, who are subleasing their land to AWC for 45 years. This is the first partnership of its kind between an indigenous community and a non-government conservation organisation. Structured as a private sector project, with measurable performance targets, this innovative partnership will improve ecological health across 3,000 square kilometres of the central Kimberley and deliver jobs, training, income and infrastructure for the Yulmbu community. 
  • Under the Artesian Range partnership, AWC is being contracted by the Western Australian government to deliver land management services (fire management, feral animal control, biological surveys) across an area of public land adjacent to our existing Artesian Range sanctuary in the north Kimberley. This is the first time that a non-government organisation has been contracted to manage a section of the public conservation estate. The combined Artesian Range Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the most important areas in northern Australia, protecting around 30 species that are found nowhere else on the continent (including several endangered mammals).
  • The EcoFire project involves the delivery of fire management, in partnership with a range of pastoralists, indigenous communities and other stakeholders, across more than 4 million hectares of the central and north Kimberley. The largest fire management program implemented by a non-government conservation organisation in Australia, EcoFire has successfully changed fire patterns by reducing the extent of late season wildfires.

More details on these Kimberley initiatives are included in our latest edition of Wildlife Matters

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Our Kimberley initiatives are based on a new “business model” for conservation that is being pioneered by AWC – a model based on practical land management, informed by good science, which delivers measurable outcomes. 

AWC now manages 3 million hectares around Australia. AWC sanctuaries are home to 83% of all bird species and 67% of all mammal species.

The Western Australian Government has also released a media statement discussing these groundbreaking projects. Read the ministerial media statement.


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