Wildlife Matters Summer 2012/13

Charnley River – Artesian Range | Mornington-Marion Downs | Mt Gibson | Wongalara | Newhaven
Field Programs
Fire management | Feral cat and fox control | Feral herbivore control | Science: surveys and research

In this issue:

  • Sir David Attenborough Field Research Station: unlocking the secrets of the Artesian Range
  • Stopping the slaughter: fighting back against feral cats
  • Mt Gibson Endangered Wildlife Restoration Project
  • Back from the brink: an update on our endangered mammal populations
  • Responding to the wildfire challange
  • Australia's largest feral herbivore-free area
  • Measuring ecological health
  • Leaving legacy for conservation
  • AWC joins forces with Google to showcase our conservation work
  • Optus and AWC set to launch new social media pilot project

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