Wildlife Matters Summer 2013/14

Faure Island | Curramore | Piccaninny Plains | Mount Zero-Taravale | Newhaven | Mornington-Marion Downs | Wongalara | Paruna
Field Programs
Wildlife translocations | Science: surveys and research | Feral cat and fox control | Feral herbivore control

In this issue:

  • Banded Hare-wallabies enjoy new island home
  • Mt Gibson: returning the Banded Hare-wallaby to mainland Australia
  • Biological surveys: inventory and measuring health
  • Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Reducing the impact of feral cats
  • Delivering regional feral herbivore control
  • Black-flanked Rock-wallabies at Paruna
  • Prince of Wales puts international spotlight on AWC

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