Numbat population healthy in feral-proof area at Yookamurra

Numbat population healthy in feral-proof area at Yookamurra
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Science: surveys and research | Feral cat and fox control

November 2014: AWC protects almost 30% of the world’s remaining Numbat population, which are endangered largely due to predation from feral cats and foxes.  Within a 1,100 hectare feral predator-free area, Yookamurra safeguards a healthy wild population of Numbats which are surveyed each year as part of AWC’s science program. During the 2014 week-long survey, AWC ecologists and volunteers recorded 23 Numbats on transect.

Establishing large, feral-free areas is currently the only effective option to secure threatened small mammals like Numbats, Bilbies, Boodies and Woylies, which have suffered a catastrophic decline over the last 10-15 years. AWC reintroduced these species within feral predator-free areas at Yookamurra and Scotia, and now protects vitally important self-sustaining wild populations.