Two new bird species for Kalamurina

Two new bird species for Kalamurina
Field Program
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Zebra Finch

July 2014: AWC staff and volunteers spent nine days conducting a bird survey across 64 sites at Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary. There was good species diversity and numbers, with 86 species recorded including the Australian Bustard and Freckled Duck (listed as Vulnerable in SA), and the rare Grey Grasswren.

A highlight of the survey was the addition of two new species for Kalamurina – the White-front Chat and Grey-fronted Honeyeater. Despite little water remaining in the Warburton system, recent rain had encouraged species like the Zebra Finch and Little Crow to breed.

AWC has 55 permanent monitoring sites at Kalamurina which provide a standardised sampling methodology for comparative bird surveys. This data is used to measure a suite of ecological health indicators and inform our conservation programs, such as feral herbivore and feral predator control.