EcoFire 2015 program underway in the Kimberley

EcoFire 2015 program underway in the Kimberley
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2015: AWC’s award-winning EcoFire program is well underway for 2015. AWC staff will deliver a prescribed burning program across 11 properties spanning 3 million hectares in the Kimberley.

The fire management program is developed in collaboration with indigenous and pastoral land owners and is expected to involve flying up to 35,000 km, dropping 50,000 aerial incendiaries and conducting 30 km of ground burns between March and July.

The prescribed burning is designed to create a mosaic of burnt and unburnt areas across the landscape, creating a patchwork of fuel loads of different ages. By undertaking controlled, low intensity fires early in the season, it reduces the risk and severity of late season wildfires. This maintains dense grasslands and protects fire sensitive vegetation which is important habitat for a number of threatened species. Northern Quolls and other small mammals need ample thick cover throughout the landscape and depend on the ground-layer for food and for protection from predators like feral cats. Seed-eating birds such as the Gouldian Finch rely on a healthy and diverse grass layer for food.

This regional approach to fire management has been highly effective - over the last 7 years, EcoFire has halved the area burnt in wildfires and doubled the area of old growth vegetation across 4 million hectares. Learn more about EcoFire.

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