AWC Pungalina Gulf of Carpentaria Exhibition

Pungalina-Seven Emu

AWC in conjunction with Defiance Gallery are proud to present a very special exhibition featuring works from five distinguished Australian artists - painters Euan Macleod, Angus Nivison and Charmaine Pike and sculptor Dave Teer, alongside photographer Jason Capobianco.

Filmmaker Jason Capobianco

Jason Capobianco.

Five Artists/Seven Days: AWC Pungalina Exhibition

14 October – 8 November | Yellow House: 59 Macleay St, Potts Point, NSW

Saturday 10 and Sunday 11 October   |  11am - 4pm

Gallery opening hours:
Wednesday – Saturday   |  11am - 6pm
Sunday   |  11am - 4pm

Last year, these leading artists spent a week with AWC scientists exploring the spectacular landscape of Pungalina-Seven Emu Wildlife Sanctuary, which covers 300,000 hectares of sandstone escarpment, tropical rivers and pristine coastline in the Gulf country of the Northern Territory. The result of this trip is a collection of exceptional work celebrating the beauty of the Pungalina landscape, combining the perspective of artist and scientist.

The first $40,000 in sales from each artist will be donated to AWC.  These funds will be used by AWC to deliver practical, science-based conservation for the threatened wildlife and habitats of northern Australia.

Euan Macleod Pungalina Copyright
Euan Mcleod

Charmaine Pike Work 2_copyright
Charmaine Pike

For inquiries about buying a painting/sculpture, please contact the Defiance Gallery (email Lauren at or phone Campbell on 0414 508 305 or 02 9557 8484).

The full catalogue of works available for sale can be viewed here


This exhibition, supported by AWC Director Lea Ferris and Bill Ferris, represents a major initiative in support of AWC's science and land management program. AWC manages 3 million hectares around Australia, protecting over 86% of all Australian bird species and 71% of all mammal species.

AWC is grateful for the generous support of the artists as well as the Defiance Gallery, Watters Gallery, Utopia Art Sydney and Title Artist Management.

Dave Teer Pungalina1 Copyright
Dave Teer

Angus Nivison Burying Ground 3 Copyright
Angus Nivison

Filmmaker: Jason Capobianco
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