AWC and Department of Defence partner to protect Kimberley jewel

AWC and Department of Defence partner to protect Kimberley jewel
Yampi Sound Training Area
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Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) and the Department of Defence (Defence) have today announced a ground-breaking partnership to deliver conservation and land management across Australia’s second-largest military training area.

October 2016: Yampi Sound Training Area (Yampi), which covers 560,000 hectares along the Kimberley coast, is one of the most important sites for conservation in Australia. See some of the amazing Yampi Sound Training Area landscape in this video 

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Held as a military training area since the 1970's, the extraordinary natural values of this place - the Yampi Sound Training Area (Yampi) - will now be safeguarded under an innovative partnership between the Department of Defence and AWC. AWC has been contracted to design and deliver science and land management at Yampi in a manner that integrates conservation with the property's vital role as a military training area.

AWC ecologists James Smith and Melissa Bruton overlooking Yampi      

Located within the traditional country of the Dambimangari people, Yampi covers over 5,600 sq km, straddling three different bioregions and incorporating almost 700 km of coastline. When Defence purchased the land, it secured an area of outstanding ecological significance that now rivals Australia's great national parks for the diversity and abundance of threatened wildlife.


Yampi is a vital last stronghold for species like the Golden Bandicoot and the Golden-backed Tree-rat and an important refuge for threatened and endemic species such as the Monjon, the Narbalek, the Red Goshawk, the Flatback Turtle and the Gouldian Finch.

Working closely with the Dambimangari Aboriginal Corporation, AWC will design and deliver feral control, fire management and a world class science program, protecting Yampi's natural values while supporting its continued use as a training area. It is the first partnership of its kind in Australia between conservation and Defence, and represents a model with the potential for broader application.

Through this project, Defence is making a tremendous contribution to conservation, enhancing protection for one of the country's great natural assets. The involvement of AWC highlights our leadership, which in turn is built on your generous support.