AWC ecologists discover a new population of Night Parrots

AWC ecologists discover a new population of Night Parrots
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Image: Rock hole where Night Parrots were heard in Goneaway National Park. Inset: one of the first images of the Night Parrot, taken by John Young at Brighton Downs in 2013. Credit John Young

AWC and the Queensland Government have today announced that AWC’s senior field ecologist John Young has discovered a new community of Night Parrots in Central West Queensland. This is in addition to the discovery made by AWC at Diamantina National Park in late 2016.

March 2017: The latest discovery of Night Parrots by AWC was made during surveys undertaken by AWC in partnership with the Queensland Government at Goneaway National Park - approximately 50km east of Diamantina.

Night Parrot calls were heard by John Young and his partner at a remote waterhole within the park where until that point their expedition had involved exploring likely Night Parrot habitat by foot and all-terrain vehicle in extreme heat and challenging conditions, highlighting the challenges involved in studying and protecting this nocturnal parrot. 

AWC has developed a habitat model which will guide further exploration by AWC ecologists of potential Night Parrot habitat in central west Queensland, in partnership with the Queensland Government, and elsewhere across Australia.

Each new discovery provides hope that the Night Parrot may be more elusive than endangered.

Read the Queensland Government announcement here.

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