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This Christmas and New Year, AWC staff will be deployed in remote areas, working under challenging conditions to deliver some of the nation’s most ambitious and important conservation projects. Please give our wildlife something to celebrate by making a tax-deductible donation to support one of these projects.

If you’re looking for a special Christmas gift for family and friends, you can also donate on their behalf, and send or print an e-gift certificate.  Simply choose your gift amount and follow the links below.

1. Save our Top End wildlife and reduce CO2 emissions - $20

A gift to offset emissions and help fight climate change! AWC’s fire management at Wongalara Wildlife Sanctuary has generated 6,000 carbon credits endorsed by the Federal Government. One AWC carbon credit represents one tonne of CO2 that has been saved by improved fire management, which also delivers benefits for wildlife such as the Hooded Parrot. Gift a one tonne saving in emissions and AWC will retire the carbon credit so it cannot be traded.

$20 will retire one accredited carbon credit

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2. Returning Mala to Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary - $50

The first Mala have returned to Newhaven. In the next few months, AWC will be translocating additional Mala to Newhaven and building a 44 kilometre feral-proof fence to establish a massive, secure home for the Mala and other wildlife. Your gift will help establish the first wild population of Mala on mainland Australia for 25 years.

$50 will buy five fence pickets for the feral-proof fence

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3. NEW! Working with Dambimangari to save the Kimberley’s endangered wildlife - $100


AWC and Dambimangari traditional owners have formed a ground-breaking partnership to protect 800,000 hectares of Dambimangari country along the Kimberley coast, a hotspot for threatened and endemic mammals such as the Brush-tailed Phascogale, Golden Bandicoot and Monjon (the world’s smallest rock-wallaby). Your gift will help AWC field staff and Dambimangari Rangers deliver science and land management across a true biodiversity hotspot.

$100 will fund management of 100 hectares of Dambimangari country in 2018

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4. Building the Bilby population at Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary - $250

AWC staff are set to translocate additional Bilbies to Mt Gibson before Christmas. Working in partnership with zoos, the Bilby Recovery Team and the WA Government, the additional translocations will help maximise genetic diversity in a population expected to grow to more than 600 Bilbies.

$250 will pay for one tail-mounted transmitter to monitor Bilbies

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5. Removing foxes to protect Scotia’s precious Malleefowl - $300

Over summer, AWC’s field staff at Scotia will be delivering intensive fox control as part of our integrated ‘beyond the fence’ feral predator work. Reducing the density of foxes will benefit ground-nesting birds like the Malleefowl.

$300 will fund fox control across more than 500 hectares

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6. Protecting Red Goshawks from wildfire at Piccaninny Plains - $400

This wet season, ‘storm burning’ will be carried out to protect nesting habitat for one of Australia’s rarest raptors, the Red Goshawk. Aerial burns will be implemented to break up patches of woodland and reduce the risk of wildfires later in 2018.

$400 will pay for 30 minutes aerial burning in a helicopter at Piccaninny Plains

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7. Protecting Yellow-footed Rock-wallabies - $500

As waters dry up over summer, AWC will be mustering and removing goats at Buckaringa Wildlife Sanctuary in the Flinders Ranges to protect one of Australia’s most beautiful rock-wallabies. The rugged gorges of Buckaringa protect an important population of this nationally threatened species.

$500 will pay for one day of feral goat mustering at Buckaringa

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8. Airlifting Numbats from Yookamurra to Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary - $600

Mt Gibson is already home to an important Numbat population. The Mt Gibson numbats are about to receive a great Christmas gift… in December, AWC will airlift more numbats to Mt Gibson with a further 10 individuals being translocated from Yookamurra in South Australia.

$600 will pay for one numbat to be airlifted to Mt Gibson

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9. Mapping Northern Quolls in the Kimberley - $800

AWC field ecologists will brave monsoon conditions to undertake surveys of Northern Quolls at our Kimberley properties over the wet season, generating abundance estimates by identifying individual animals in camera trap images.

$800 will buy a camera trap to photograph quolls

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10. Saving endangered frogs at Brooklyn Wildlife Sanctuary - $1,000

Brooklyn, in North Queensland’s Wet Tropics, protects a stunning 40 species of frogs – around 15% of Australia’s frog species on one property! This includes several threatened species. In December-January AWC will undertake targeted frog surveys to measure the distribution and abundance of frogs as part of our systematic auditing of Brooklyn’s ecological health.

$1,000 will fund an ecologist in the field for one day (incl. equipment and vehicle costs)

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11. Mapping the Lake Eyre Night Parrots - $2,000

The discovery of a single Night Parrot feather at Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary earlier in 2017 was the first proof of their persistence in South Australia for over a century. In early 2018, AWC field staff will deploy acoustic recorders and camera traps in remote country, north of Kati Thanda–Lake Eyre, to map the size and distribution of the unique Lake Eyre Night Parrots.

$2,000 will pay for two acoustic recorders to be deployed at Kalamurina

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12. New and Exciting Project Coming Soon

Keep an eye on the AWC website and social media channels where we will unwrap this new and exciting project before Christmas!


Thank you for your support and have a Merry Christmas!