More Numbats & Bilbies released at Mt Gibson

More Numbats & Bilbies released at Mt Gibson
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December 2017:

Four more Numbats and seven additional Bilbies were released at Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary last week, adding to the re-established population within the 7,800-hectare feral predator-free area. The Numbats were translocated from AWC’s Yookamurra Wildlife Sanctuary in South Australia, home to a significant wild population of the species. They will join 19 captive-bred numbats from Perth Zoo that were released at Mt Gibson last month (watch video here).  

The Numbat population at Mt Gibson is ultimately expected to grow to over 240 animals, boosting the worldwide population by nearly 25% over the next few years. AWC currently protects the country’s largest Numbat population at Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary in western New South Wales.

AWC Ecologists processing a numbat at Yookamurra Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo credit: G. Volck / AWC

The seven Bilbies were also airlifted from Yookamurra to Mt Gibson, following the release of Bilbies from several different captive populations around Australia earlier in December to boost genetic diversity.

Eight species have now been returned to Mt Gibson – the only site in Australia where so many successful reintroductions have taken place. The newly released Numbats and Bilbies join reintroduced populations of Banded Hare-wallaby, Woylie, and Red-tailed Phascogale, among others.


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