Wildlife Matters Summer 2017/18

Wildlife Matters Summer 2017/18
Piccaninny Plains | Mt Gibson | Newhaven | North Head | The Pilliga | Mallee Cliffs
Field Programs
Science: surveys and research | Wildlife translocations | Feral cat and fox control | Feral herbivore control | Fire management | Weed control
Banded Hare-wallaby | Golden-backed Tree-rat | Mala / Rufous Hare-wallaby | Narbarlek | Palm Cockatoo | Sharman's Rock Wallaby | Eastern Pygmy Possum | Shark Bay Mouse | Western Barred Bandicoot | Common Mist Frog | Gouldian Finch | Golden Bandicoot | Black Grasswren | Purple-crowned Fairy-wren | Northern Quoll | Monjon

In this issue of Wildlife Matters:

  • Pilliga feral-free area set to save 50,000+ animals every year
  • Groundbreaking partnership to manage Dambimangari country
  • Newhaven: Return of the Mala
  • Mt Gibson: Historic return to mainland Australia for one of our rarest kangaroo species
  • Measuring ecological health at Mallee Cliffs and the Pilliga
  • North Head: Bringing threatened wildlife back to our cities
  • AWC and CSIRO join forces in Synthetic Biology search for feral cat solution
  • Protecting Australia's rarest raptor

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