Wildlife Matters Winter 2017

Wildlife Matters Winter 2017
Mallee Cliffs | Kalamurina | Mt Gibson | Newhaven | Mount Zero-Taravale | The Pilliga | North Head | Scotia
Field Programs
Feral cat and fox control | Fire management | Wildlife translocations | Feral cat research | Science: surveys and research | Feral herbivore control | Weed control
Western Pygmy-possum | Eastern Pygmy Possum | Sharman's Rock Wallaby | Dingo | Golden-backed Tree-rat | Northern Quoll

In this issue:

  • Sir David Attenborough and Tim Flannery celebrate AWC achievements
  • Mallee Cliffs and the Pilliga: Measuring ecological health
  • Mt Gibson: Bringing back the Red-tailed Phascogale
  • North Head: Return of Eastern Pygmy Possums
  • Mt Zero-Taravale: Saving the Sharman's Rock Wallaby
  • Kalamurina: Secret life of Dingoes
  • Yampi: Exploring one of Australia's great natural areas
  • Newhaven Endangered Wildlife Restoration Project
  • Integrated cat and fox control - research update

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