Kalamurina Night Parrot recording confirmed

Kalamurina Night Parrot recording confirmed
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September 2018

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is excited to announce that a recording of a birdcall on our Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary has been independently verified as that of the Night Parrot, one of Australia’s most elusive birds.

During 2018 (May to July and again from July to September) AWC ecologists and bird experts, John Young and Keith Bellchambers, deployed acoustic recorders and camera traps across samphire habitat on Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary.

During the first acoustic recorder deployment, John and Keith spent a night camped near the site where, in 2017, John had discovered a Night Parrot feather in the lining of a Zebra Finch nest. The following morning, John reported that he had heard Night Parrot calls.

Learn about this extraordinary find and John and Keith’s work by watching the video below.

Preliminary analysis of recordings made at this and other sites by the acoustic recorders between May and July 2018 indicate that the Night Parrot is indeed present at the campsite and other locations on Kalamurina.

Importantly, one sequence of calls has been verified by Nick Leseberg who is undertaking a doctoral study on the Night Parrot through the University of Queensland. Nick has confirmed the call is "identical to the Night Parrot calls" he has heard in Western Australia.

To listen to the raw sound file from acoustic recorders on Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary click on the picture below. Given it is the raw file you may need to boost your volume to hear the faint calls.

The Night Parrot is one of the Australian Government’s 20 priority bird species. Evidence of the existence of nocturnal, ground-dwelling bird was sparse throughout the 19th and 20th centuries, and the bird was thought to be possibly extinct until 2013, when John Young located a population in western Queensland. Further populations have been located in Western Australia and western Queensland. 

You can read more about AWC’s research projects on the Night Parrot on Diamantina and Kalamurina.

AWC ecologists are currently in the field continuing the monitoring program and collecting more data. Please donate to help AWC continue this critically important project - the monitoring and protection of Night Parrot habitat on Kalamurina Wildlife Sanctuary, Australia's largest private reserve.