Rare photo of feral cat in battle with Mulga Snake

Rare photo of feral cat in battle with Mulga Snake
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February 2018

An outback property owned by Australian Wildlife Conservancy was the venue last week for a rarely witnessed battle between a feral cat and a native Mulga Snake.

AWC volunteers at Bowra Wildlife Sanctuary, near Cunnamulla in western Queensland, captured this stunning image of the feral cat with the Mulga Snake wrapped around it.

The cat had the snake firmly by the neck, but it was apparent that the Mulga Snake had not gone down without a fight. The snake had managed to wrap itself around the cat several times during what must have been an intense battle.

Feral cats kill millions of native animals every night across Australia.  This conflict is a reminder of how efficient feral cats are at killing a wide range of native animals.

Even one of Australia’s top order native predators – the Mulga Snake is Australia’s heaviest venomous snake – is not safe from feral cats.

Australian Wildlife Conservancy is establishing a national network of feral cat-free areas to protect Australia’s threatened wildlife, as well as undertaking ground-breaking research designed to find a silver bullet strategy that will remove feral cats from the Australian landscape.

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(It is possible the feral cat was bitten by the Mulga Snake and later died, although no feral cat body has been located.)