The $1 Million Feral Cat Challenge matching your donations to save endangered wildlife

The $1 Million Feral Cat Challenge matching your donations to save endangered wildlife

Feral cats are the single greatest threat to Australia’s endangered wildlife, especially our mammals.  Australia already has the worst mammal extinction rate in the world.  If we fail to reduce the impact of feral cats, more species will be lost forever.

A generous Sydney family has now made a stunning offer – the JAAM Foundation will match eligible donations in support of AWC’s feral cat strategy up to a total of $1 million. 

“The impact of feral cats on Australia’s wildlife is devastating.  We hope this matching challenge will help inspire a wave of support to tackle the feral cat crisis,” Andrew Clifford said. 

 “Our donation is about saving Australia’s unique and endangered wildlife.  We urgently need to invest in strategies that will immediately save those species most at risk from cats – some of which are heading toward extinction - while working on a long-term solution to effectively remove feral cats from the Australian landscape.    

 “AWC is leading the charge on feral cats, delivering practical, on-ground action and world-class science which is helping save species from extinction,” Mr Clifford said.

  • JAAM Foundation was founded by Andrew and Jane Clifford and family. 
  • Based in Sydney, the Clifford Family are long-term supporters of Australian Wildlife Conservancy.  Andrew is a Director of the organisation.   
  • Andrew and Jane have visited many AWC sanctuaries and have seen first-hand the success of feral cat-free areas in restoring populations of endangered mammals and they have also spent time in the field with AWC ecologists undertaking important scientific research on feral cats. 

Your tax deductible donation to AWC will be doubled if it is made before 30 June. 

Listen to AWC CEO Atticus Fleming interviewed on Sydney ABC Drive program by Richard Glover, on May 31, 2018. 


 This is a great opportunity to accelerate our work addressing Australia’s greatest conservation challenge – the impact of feral cats.

Establishing a national network of massive feral cat-free areas:  Feral cat-free areas protect some of the largest remaining wild populations of Australia’s most endangered animals, such as the Mala and the Numbat.   

Implementing feral cat control across AWC properties:  This includes trapping, shooting and indigenous tracking and hunting, as well as ground-breaking scientific research designed to improve the effectiveness of cat control measures.  

A potential long-term answer – gene drive technology:  AWC is working with CSIRO and other partners to explore whether gene drive technology can be utilised to remove feral cats from the landscape: for example, by causing feral cats to have only male kittens.  This is a long-term (decades long) project, but it is potentially our best hope in finding a continent-wide solution to the feral cat crisis.  Initial priorities include research on cat genomics and feral cat mating ecology, dispersal and population genetics.

 You can double the return on your investment!

Please help save Australia’s wildlife from feral cats.  Donations to AWC in support of our Feral Cat Strategy before 30 June will be matched as follows:

If you are a new AWC donor: your donation of $250 or more will be matched.

If you are an existing AWC donor:  all additional donations of $500 or more will be matched (ie, donations that are in addition to your usual level of giving).  

 Please consider making an eligible gift to AWC in response to the Feral Cat Challenge before 30 June.  Your tax deductible donation will be doubled, helping AWC take action to address the greatest threat to Australia’s endangered wildlife.

You can donate online or call 08 9380 9633.

Thank you for your support.

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