Wildlife Matters Winter 2018

Wildlife Matters Winter 2018
Newhaven | The Pilliga | Yampi Sound Training Area | Kalamurina | Mornington-Marion Downs
Field Programs
Feral cat and fox control | Feral herbivore control | Wildlife translocations | Science: surveys and research | Feral cat research | Fire management
Greater Bilby | Mala / Rufous Hare-wallaby | Northern Quoll | Golden-backed Tree-rat

Strategy to stop feral cats | Stage 1 of the world’s longest feral cat-proof fence is completed at Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary | Exclusive first pictures of the rare Buff-breasted Button-quail | Bilbies set to return to New South Wales National Parks | Yampi partnership uncovers an extraordinary landscape of ecological significance | Discover the value of measuring the Kimberley’s ecological health | Queensland flood waters flow through Kalamurina to Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre

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