Feral cat and fox control at Karakamia

Feral cat and fox control at Karakamia

Portrait - floppy top feral-proof fence at Karakamia

Foxes and cats are common in the region and have a devastating effect on wildlife.  They have been a primary cause of local extinction for most small-medium sized mammals including in many national parks.

However, Karakamia is one of the few fox and cat-free areas of greater than 250 hectares on the Western Australian mainland.  It is therefore a vital refuge for many threatened mammals. 

AWC’s feral predator control activities at Karakamia include:

  • Ongoing monitoring to prevent any incursions into the fenced area.
  • Maintenance of the conservation fence.
  • Swiftly removing any foxes or cats which breach the fenced area (e.g. if a tree limb falls on the fence).  This is achieved through shooting or baiting.