Wildlife translocations at Mt Gibson

Wildlife translocations at Mt Gibson

The Mt Gibson Endangered Wildlife Restoration Project involves the reintroduction of at least 10 regionally extinct mammal species.  Nine of these species are nationally threatened. 

A detailed Translocation Protocol will guide each translocation, addressing release and monitoring protocols as well as setting criteria for evaluating the success of each reintroduction. 

As illustrated in the table below, the Mt Gibson project is set to deliver a significant increase in the population of at least 9 nationally threatened mammals.  It is remarkable that this single property will help provide a more secure future for 14% of Australia’s nationally threatened mammals. 

Wildlife Matters Summer 201415 - Mt Gibson Mammal Reintroduction Table

In 2015, AWC translocated Woylies (read more here) and Greater Stick-nest Rats to the 7,800 hectare feral-free area at Mt Gibson.