Feral cat and fox control at Yookamurra

Feral cat and fox control at Yookamurra

Feral cats and foxes occur at high densities across the Murray Darling region. 

At Yookamurra, AWC has established a 1,100 hectare fox and cat-free area, which is surrounded by a special purpose feral-proof fence.  This area is of very high conservation value: it is the third largest feral-free area on mainland Australia.

The fox and cat-free area on Yookamurra provides protection for wild populations of four threatened mammal species, including the Bilby, Numbat, Burrowing Bettong and Brush-tailed Bettong. 

The integrity of the fence is maintained by regular monitoring, including with the use of camera trap technology. 

Outside the feral-free area, AWC field staff control foxes by shooting and regular baiting.    

Baiting is not typically an effective form of feral cat control.  At Yookamurra, we shoot feral cats opportunistically.  More importantly, AWC is undertaking detailed research across our network of sanctuaries (for example, our work at Mornington) to develop more effective, landscape-scale control of feral cats.