Yookamurra Education Program

Yookamurra Education Program

AWC's education program at Yookamurra Wildlife Sanctuary involves mallee ecology walks, nocturnal spotlighting walks, comfortable twin-share accommodation and a commercial-style kitchen for self-catering. With the aim of providing more scientific outcomes for  students, we have developed a series of guided projects which encourage the student to experience and understand the complex interactions that make up our unique mallee ecosystem.

Read the Yookamurra Education Program brochure and the Yookamurra Guide for Teachers for more information.


Yookamurra Wildlife Sanctuary is the only AWC property with a dedicated  education program for primary to secondary students. Some of our school group activities include:

  • Guided mallee ecology walk – discover historical and ecological components of a mallee woodland.
  • Nocturnal guided walk - experience the mallee at night and if lucky, spot some of Yookamurra’s nocturnal animals such as bettongs, possums and geckoes. 
  • What Scat is That? – one of our most popular projects for all age groups. Scat analysis using quadrats and microscopy.
  • Finding Frank - Radio tracking at Yookamurra – particularly designed for primary and early high school students, learn how we radio track and survey animals using GPS and radio-tracking technology.
  • The Burning Question – a project for middle-upper high school students to investigate fire ecology and history in the mallee by using transects and mallee tree measurements.
  • Earth Moving Mammals – a project for middle-upper high school students to investigate the ecosystem engineering characteristics of our reintroduced threatened mammal species such as the bettong and bilby.
  • Mallee mugshots – assist Yookamurra staff with the analysis of remote camera footage from across the property to identify herbivores and carnivores.
  • Wards Weed Warriors – get hands on and help Yookamurra staff get rid of this terrible weed!

A number of great value self-catered packages have been developed for school groups, including day trips and overnight stays. All packages include a guided mallee ecology walk, a presentation and a science-based guided project and can be adapted to your particular curriculum needs. Prices are available upon request.

Accommodation and facilities

Yookamurra Sanctuary Accom1Camp facilities are located within the fenced area of the sanctuary, where feral animals have been removed and locally extinct threatened mammals have been reintroduced, providing a unique environment for students.  We can accommodate up to 40 people at one time. There are five accommodation blocks with four rooms in each, with each room consisting of two single beds, a small wardrobe and a table. One room in each block has a set of bunk beds and a single bed. The amenities block is a short walk from the accommodation blocks. Yookamurra has a purpose built Education Centre complete with dining facilities, a commercial-style kitchen and outdoor BBQ. Please read the Yookamurra Guide for Teachers for more information.


Getting there

Yookamurra Sanctuary Gettingthere

Yookamurra is located 130 kilometres northeast of the city of Adelaide in South Australia. This is only a two hour bus drive from the CBD! It is situated between the Barossa Valley and the Murray River in an area known as the Murraylands.

Booking and enquiries

For more information, please contact Helen:

Telephone: +61 8 8562 5011

Email: yookamurra@australianwildlife.org