Give Australia’s wildlife hope this Christmas

Why support AWC this Christmas?

2019 has been an important year for Australian Wildlife Conservancy. With your support, we have reached some significant milestones, including:

  • Increasing the area AWC manages (alone or in partnership) for conservation to 6.5 million hectares. In the Kimberley, this includes the only part of Australia to have suffered no wildlife extinctions since European settlement.
  • At Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary in central Australia, AWC has released Mala (the first of 10 species set to be reintroduced here) into the largest (9,400 hectare) feral predator-free area on mainland Australia.  This project is set to see the populations of at least six endangered mammals doubled!
  • Our partnership with the NSW Government has now seen Bilbies restored to Mallee Cliffs National Park and Bridled Nailtail Wallabies restored to the Pilliga, highlighting the critical role AWC is playing in helping to prevent wildlife extinctions in Australia.

Of course, there is still a lot of work to do, so this Christmas season, AWC’s team of dedicated field ecologists and land managers will be hard at work, protecting wildlife in some of Australia’s most remote locations.

Please consider making a tax-deductible gift that offers new hope to Australia’s threatened wildlife this Christmas. You can also choose a personalised AWC e-Gift Card for someone special – and follow our progress implementing your chosen Christmas project via AWC’s website and social media channels.

How your Christmas donation helps

Protect the Northern Quoll from cane toads

$20 will purchase four conditioned taste aversion (CTA) baits to train endangered Northern Quolls not to eat cane toads in the Kimberley. AWC is undertaking groundbreaking research to try and save populations of endangered Northern Quolls from extinction.

Secure the Kimberley's precious wildlife

$50 will protect 50 hectares of precious Kimberley habitat ($1/ha). AWC’s innovative Indigenous partnerships in the Kimberley are securing the future of some of Australia's most endangered wildlife through the delivery of effective land management and conservation science.

Monitor rare species like the Sharman’s Rock-wallaby

$100 will purchase one soft-sided trap to undertake targeted monitoring of threatened species like the endangered Sharman's Rock Wallaby at Mt Zero-Taravale. This information is vital for informing our conservation management of these species.

Deploy drones to detect and protect elusive wildlife

$300 will purchase one hour of drone time and image analysis to monitor populations of nocturnal wildlife that are hard to detect in large landscapes, like Banded Hare-wallabies and Woylies.

Deliver AWC's field science program across 6.5 million hectares

$500 will fund a field ecologist for one day, along with vehicle and equipment costs. In 2019 AWC's science team has delivered more than 270,000 trap nights across 6.5 million hectares. Recognised as Australia's largest field science program, the information gathered helps us to measure our progress and generate better outcomes for Australia's threatened wildlife.

Implement Australia's largest non-government fire management program

$750 will purchase 2,500 incendiaries for the delivery of AWC’s fire management program across 7.5 million hectares of northern Australia and help save vital habitat for iconic species like the Gouldian Finch and the Golden Bandicoot. Aerial burns will be implemented to break up patches of woodland and reduce the risk of wildfires later in 2020.

Return Numbats to Newhaven Wildlife Sanctuary

$1,000 will pay for the return of one Numbat to Newhaven and help establish a new, wild population of this iconic species in central Australia.

Protect Australia's wildlife from feral cats

$4,000 will help purchase a GPS collar for feral cat research. Feral cats are the single greatest threat to Australia's wildlife. AWC is undertaking groundbreaking research into feral predator ecology to try and find solutions for controlling feral cats 'beyond the fence.' This research will help protect wildlife including reptiles and ground-dwelling birds such as Malleefowl.

Build a field operations base in the Pilliga and at Mallee Cliffs National Park

$5,000 will help purchase building supplies to construct a field operations base for AWC's field team in the Pilliga and at Mallee Cliffs National Park. An operations base is essential to successfully deliver this nationally significant project that will see 10 regionally extinct mammals restored to NSW national parks

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