Give hope to Australia’s wildlife this Christmas

How your tax-deductible donation helps

Support North Head fire recovery work

$25 will fund one custom-built nest box. Support the purchase of custom-built nest boxes that provide a safe shelter for small mammals recently affected by the fire at North Head.

Protect threatened wildlife in the arid zone

$50 will pay for 32 manufactured fox baits. Species like the Great Desert Skink are being hunted to extinction by feral predators. Your gift will help control foxes and boost the chances of survival for threatened wildlife in the arid zone.

Help bushfire-affected wildlife

$100 will pay for equipment to monitor bushfire affected wildlife. Support wildlife affected by last summer's bushfires by supporting the purchase of equipment for ongoing wildlife monitoring.

Secure the future of the Northern Bettong

$350 will fund materials for 10 metres of electrified, feral-proof fencing. Offer new hope to the endangered Northern Bettong by helping AWC to establish a new electrified feral predator-free safe haven that will help save this species from extinction.

Support Australia's largest biodiversity monitoring program

$500 will fund a field ecologist (including equipment and vehicle) for a day. Support AWC's science team to deliver biological surveys across 30 properties. Field staff, students and volunteers will carry out over 160,000 trap nights for mammals, reptiles and frogs, using a combination of box traps, cage traps, pitfalls, funnel traps and camera traps.

Prevent wildfires and save wildlife

$750 will buy 2,500 incendiaries for delivering AWC's award winning fire management program. AWC delivers the world's largest non-government fire management program. Across 7.5 million hectares of northern Australia, this program is reducing wildfire risk by more than 50%, avoiding more than 100,000 tonnes of carbon emissions every year and protecting threatened wildlife like the Purple-crowned Fairywren and Golden Bandicoot.

Help restore Chuditch to unfenced landscapes

$1,000 will fund a motion-sensor camera to track feral cats and foxes. Controlling cats and foxes outside the fence at Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary will pave the way for Brushtail Possum and Chuditch (Western Quoll) to be released in an open landscape.

Future-proof conservation: fund an AWC intern

$3,200 will support an AWC intern for one month. Arm the next generation of conservation scientists with practical field experience and the technical skills they need to address the real-world challenges facing Australia's biodiversity.

Harness technology to detect and protect native wildlife

$5,000 will fund the development of cutting-edge image identification technology. Help AWC harness Artificial Intelligence (AI) to consistently and correctly identify animal species, with a high degree of accuracy, and deliver better outcomes for Australia's threatened wildlife.

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All donations of AU$2 or more to AWC are tax deductible within Australia. All our supporters receive our regular newsletter, Wildlife Matters and periodic e-news and are welcome to participate in AWC events and volunteer programs.