Please give hope to Australia’s wildlife this Christmas and New Year

How your tax-deductible donation helps

Help detect and protect reintroduced animals

$10 will fund one micro-chip for a reintroduced animal. Every reintroduced mammal AWC captures needs to be micro-chipped and counted. Your gift will help AWC monitor the health and survival of the reintroduced wildlife populations we protect.

Keep Sugar Gliders safe

$25 will help AWC protect Sugar Gliders from key threats like wildfires, feral herbivores and feral cats.

Keep endangered Northern Hairy-nosed Wombats safe

$50 will protect an endangered Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat for a day. Your gift will protect some of the last surviving Northern Hairy-nosed Wombats. With so few left in the world every day counts.

Protect wildlife in unfenced landscapes

$100 will purchase and deploy baits for controlling feral cats. Controlling cats and foxes outside the fence at Mt Gibson Wildlife Sanctuary will protect reintroduced Brushtail Possum and planned release of Chuditch (Western Quoll).

Analyse the ancestry of an endangered mammal

$350 will help pay for genetic analysis on approximately 7 biological samples. Your gift will help ensure we are building genetically robust animal populations and secure the long-term survival of reintroduced species.

Support Australia's largest biodiversity monitoring program

$500 will fund a mobile device to capture critical data. Your gift will fund a special mobile device that will enable an AWC field ecologist to record location-based data and gather intelligence on threatened wildlife in remote locations for one year. This data is critical for measuring our progress.

Deploy a helicopter to deliver landscape-scale conservation

$1,000 will pay for 1 hour of helicopter time. Your gift will help the team access remote areas to deliver large-scale conservation like aerial burns, feral herbivore control and wildlife surveys

Track reintroduced endangered wildlife

$1,550 will fund a GPS telemetry collar for one reintroduced mammal. Your gift will support AWC's rewilding program by helping AWC's field team track the survival of reintroduced endangered animals.

Future-proof conservation: fund an AWC intern

$3,200 will support an AWC intern for 1 month. Ensure the next generation of conservation scientists have the practical field experience and technical skills they need to address the real-world challenges facing Australia's biodiversity.

Harness drones to protect threatened wildlife

$15,000 will fund a drone and batteries for a year. Support the use of a high-tech drone in the field to help detect and protect rare nocturnal species.

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All donations of AU$2 or more to AWC are tax deductible within Australia. All our supporters receive our regular newsletter, Wildlife Matters and periodic e-news and are welcome to participate in AWC events and volunteer programs.

Other ways to make a donation

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