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Consider this…

In March 2021 the Australian Government updated the nation’s official wildlife extinction list, noting the loss of an additional 13 endemic species since European colonisation. The revision brings the total number of Australian mammals known to have gone extinct to 34. In other words, Australia’s official mammal extinction record, already ranked as the worst in the world, just got worse.

But there is hope.

AWC’s experience over the last 30 years has taught us the Australian bush is resilient and today we have the knowledge and skills to address these threats and restore Australia’s biodiversity.

Recognising that we need to rapidly scale up our efforts to address the magnitude of threats confronting Australia’s wildlife, four remarkable philanthropists have joined forces to help. Sophie Chamberlain, via the Martin Copley Will Trust, Andrew and Jane Clifford via the JAAM Foundation, together with a generous legacy gift will see donations matched up to a total of $3 million.

All eligible donations to AWC will be matched this tax-time!

• Gifts of $500 or more will be matched by 50%
• Gifts of $5,000 or more will be matched by 75%
• Gifts of $15,000 or more will be matched by 100%

Empowered by your support, this inspirational gift will help AWC to scale up the delivery of priority actions, like fire management, feral herbivore control, weed eradication, rewilding and science programs aimed at halting biodiversity decline and restoring Australia’s natural capital.

Please help AWC take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

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How your tax-deductible donation helps

Fund the removal of weeds from 3 hectares

$30 will fund three weeks’ worth of strategic weed control over three hectares (approx. $10 / hectare). By removing weeds like Lantana and restoring habitats we are giving threatened wildlife populations a better chance of survival.

Fund fire management across 300 hectares

$50 will fund fire management across 300 hectares (approx. $0.20 / hectare). With your help we can deliver fire management across a vast 7.5 million hectares of northern Australia, reduce wildfires and carbon emissions and repair landscapes on a massive scale.

Purchase a cage trap and help save a Bandicoot

$100 will purchase a cage trap for catching feral cats and protect species like Bandicoots. Feral cats are the single greatest threat to Australia’s wildlife and are estimated to kill six million animals every night. With your help we can remove feral cats and restore wildlife populations before they go extinct.

Fund northern Australia’s first feral predator-free safe-haven

$350 will pay for 10 metres of electrified, feral-proof fencing to protect the Northern Bettong from feral predators. The Northern Bettong is one of Australia’s 20 most endangered species. Your gift will help save the species from extinction and establish a new replicable template for rewilding programs in northern Australia.

Restore critical habitat for species like the Noisy Pitta

$500 will purchase field operations equipment – like a drip torch and fuel to implement ground-based controlled burns or spray equipment to target invasive weeds. Restoring critical habitat increases the chances of survival for species like the Noisy Pitta, Koala, Marsupial Frog and the endangered Richmond Birdwing Butterfly.

Purchase equipment for biological surveys

$750 will help purchase equipment for biological surveys. With your help, AWC will deliver Australia’s largest field science program which involves more than 160,000 trap nights every year. The information gathered helps guide our conservation actions and inform governments about biodiversity conservation.

Fund AWC’s Indigenous partnership projects

$1,000 will fund the protection of 1,000 hectares of land under AWC’s Indigenous partnership projects. With your support, AWC will work hand-in-hand with Traditional Owners to control key threats and protect Australia’s wild places.

Purchase a telemetry tower to monitor reintroduced mammals

$2,000 will purchase a telemetry tower to monitor reintroduced mammals. Releasing an endangered mammal is just the first step, AWC’s dedicated team then needs to closely monitor their health and survival so we know whether the translocation has worked.

Support AWC operations generally

$5,000 will support AWC’s strategic science programs and priority conservation actions to protect and restore threatened wildlife populations in some of the most iconic regions of Australia.

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All donations of AU$2 or more to AWC are tax deductible within Australia. All our supporters receive our regular newsletter, Wildlife Matters and periodic e-news and are welcome to participate in AWC events and volunteer programs.