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Australian  Wildlife  Conservancy  (AWC)  is  the  largest  private  (non-profit)  owner  of  land  for conservation  in  Australia,  protecting  endangered  wildlife at  31 sanctuaries in which  we  own  or manage in partnership, covering a total of more than 6.5 million hectares in iconic regions such as the Kimberley, Cape York, the Top End and Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre.   With a focus on practical land management, informed by world-class science, AWC is implementing a dynamic new model for conservation.AWC’s mission - to deliver effective conservation for all native animal species and their habitats - is achieved by: Operations - delivering effective large-scale land management including fire management, feral animal control, weed control and infrastructure management. Science - delivering a nationally-coherent program of ecological surveys with a focus on monitoring key conservation assets and threats, conducting applied research relevant to wildlife conservation, implementing conservation programs including reintroductions, and providing advice to management.  Fundraising - mobilising finance (primarily, tax deductible donations) from the general public and philanthropists including through effective communication of AWC conservation programs.   AWC offers opportunities for promising graduate students to gain valuable field experience in conservation research via its Internship Program. In 2022, AWC will offer nineteen internships, of 4.5 - 6 months duration, across its network of sanctuaries. Each internship has been designed to provide an exciting training program. The program is designed to introduce conservation biologists to a variety of sanctuaries with a host of different ecosystems, flora and fauna, field techniques, and conservation issues. The internships provide a modest living stipend for the duration of the program, plus travel assistance.   North-west Interns will spend 6 months at Mornington, Marion Downs, Tableland, Charnley River-Artesian Range, Yampi [WA] with possible trips to other NW managed properties. Note, there will also a possibility of commencing at Newhaven [NT]. This will be discussed further with the successful candidate.North-east Interns will spend 5 months based in Cairns* with trips to Brooklyn, Piccaninny Plains, Mt Zero-Taravale, Bowra and Curramore [QLD], Pungalina Seven-Emu, Bullo River Station and/or Wongalara [NT].South-west Interns (Karakamia, Paruna and Faure Island) will spend 5 months at Karakamia, Paruna and Faure Island with the possibility of brief visits to Mt Gibson [WA].South-west Interns (Mt Gibson) will spend 5 months based at Mt Gibson [WA], with possible trips to one or more of the south-west sanctuaries.Central and South Interns (Yookamurra, Kalamurina, Buckaringa, Dakalanta and Kangaroo Island) will spend 5 months based at Yookamurra [SA], with trips to one or more of the central and south sanctuaries.Central and South Interns (Newhaven) will spend 5 months based at Newhaven [NT], with possible trips to one or more of the central and south sanctuaries.South-east Interns will spend 5 months based at Mallee Cliffs NP*, the Pilliga* and Scotia [NSW].North Head Interns will spend 4.5 months based at North Head [Sydney, NSW]*, with possible trips to one or more of the other NSW sanctuaries.*AWC provided accommodation may not be available at some locations. An additional accommodation/travel allowance may be provided to the intern to support other arrangements. This will be discussed further with the successful applicants. Due to COVID-19, AWC will be imposing relevant border restrictions as per relevant state and territory regulations. Internship placements may be reviewed and changed by AWC as required without or with minimal notice. Candidates are encouraged (but not limited to) to apply for intern placement(s) within their own region.How to apply: applying, please download the supporting attached linked below for further details on the program (see: 2022 AWC Ecology & Conservation Intern Program Information).To submit an application, visit our careers page (linked above), select the click ‘APPLY’ and complete an intern application form as prompted.Your application must include CV and covering letter, briefly addressing the critical competencies listed above, also explaining why you wish to apply for an internship and for which region(s). Applications that do not meet these requirements will not be accepted.General inquiries: Fiona Tran, HR Advisor |; alternatively, contacts for specific regions are provided on the Program Information attachment. Please note: If you apply for this role, AWC will include you in its ongoing updates and communications about its events, activities and fundraising initiatives. You may opt out of these communications at any time.Any application submitted to AWC will be handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy, available at By providing us with your contact details, your consent to receive communications and direct educational material will remain current until you advise us otherwise.2022 AWC Ecology & Conservation Intern Program Information 24 AUD Subiaco 6008