2005: New project launches in NSW

Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary home to ambitious reintroduction program

Scotia’s ambitious Endangered Mammal Recovery Project was launched with the aim of securing new populations of six threatened mammal species in western NSW.

In the first year of the program more than 500 animals were released into the 4,000-hectare Stage 1 feral predator-free fenced area. AWC subsequently expanded this safe haven to 8,000 hectares, creating the largest feral-predator free area on mainland Australia (later this would pass to Newhaven and then Mallee Cliffs National Park).

To date, AWC has re-established populations of four nationally threatened mammals: the Bilby (Macrotis lagotis), Numbat (Myrmecobius fasciatus), Bridled Nailtail Wallaby (Onychogalea fraenata) and Burrowing Bettong (Bettongia lesueur). For these animals, the work at Scotia is vital to safeguard them against extinction.

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