2015: A super-sized eradication project

Ambitious project to restore Central Australia’s lost biodiversity

In 2015 AWC launched one of the planet’s largest feral cat eradication projects, involving the establishment of a massive feral cat-free area.

The project is of global conservation significance, commencing with the completion of Stage 1. This 9,450-hectare fenced feral predator-free safe haven will provide a critical refuge for at least 10 threatened mammal species set to be restored here, including the locally extinct and endangered Mala (Rufous Hare-wallaby, Lagorchestes hirsutus; now returned to Newhaven), the critically endangered Central Rock-rat (Antina, Zyzomys pedunculatus) and the threatened Golden Bandicoot (Isoodon auratus).

Ecologists and conservation land managers have commenced assessment of Stage 2 that could potentially expand the project to 100,000 feral predator-free or controlled hectares.

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