2001: Powering up for the new millenium

Giving back to Australia and becoming a not-for-profit charity

After expanding the organisation considerably through his own private contributions, Martin took the enormous step of turning AWC into a national not-for-profit charitable organisation.

AWC’s inaugural CEO, Atticus Fleming, was recruited to lead the new public-facing organisation, to implement Martin’s vision and develop a new model for conservation spearheaded by a national fundraising program to fight Australia’s extinction crisis.

The AWC fundraising model focused on private philanthropy and borrowed from the successful approach adopted by the American NGO, The Nature Conservancy.

Swift expansion followed, with the first two major campaigns focusing on the acquisition of Mount Zero Sanctuary in north Queensland to save the Northern Bettong (Bettongia tropica) and a reintroduction program of threatened mammals to world heritage listed Faure Island.

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