Australian Wildlife Conservancy

AWC coordinates fire management over 5 million ha of the Kimberley

Fire in the kimberley
Fire in the Kimberley (Nick Rains)

AWC is addressing the problem of large destructive fires in the Kimberley through a regionally coordinated fire management project called EcoFire. The project is run from AWC’s base at Mornington Wildlife Sanctuary in the central Kimberley.

EcoFire reflects AWC’s commitment to improve land management on a regional scale, outside the boundaries of its sanctuaries. The project area includes 14 central and northern Kimberley pastoral, indigenous and conservation properties (covering almost 5 million ha), including Mornington and Marion Downs Wildlife Sanctuaries.

EcoFire is funded by the federal government through the Rangelands Natural Resource Management Coordinating Group (Rangelands WA) and is guided by a Steering Committee of representatives from organisations and stakeholder groups with an interest in fire management in the Kimberley. Members include:

  • Rangelands WA (
  • AWC
  • Department of Environment and Conservation
  • Fire and Emergency Services Authority
  • Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia
  • Kimberley Land Council
  • Shire of Wyndham East-Kimberley
  • Shire of Derby/West Kimberley Shire of Broome
  • Pastoralists and Graziers Association

EcoFire project area
Figure 1: EcoFire project area: The initial project
area encompassed nine central Kimberley
properties. Based on the success of EcoFire in
2007 the project was extended to include five
additional properties.