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The secret to AWC’s success is our commitment to practical, on-ground land management informed by world class science. Almost 80 per cent of AWC’s staff is based in the field, including more than 50 ecologists. The scale at which we undertake practical land management activities such as fire management and feral animal control is unique within Australia.

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Featured SanctuaryCharnley River – Artesian Range

Charnley River-Artesian Range has a vital role to play in protecting and restoring the endangered wildlife of northern Australia. Covering 173,000 hectares, the Artesian Range and surrounding areas are home to more than 30 animal species that are found nowhere else in Australia, either because they have disappeared from the rest of their range or because they are endemic to the north Kimberley.

Numbat at Scotia Wildlife Sanctuary. Photo by Wayne Lawler

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News from the Field 04 Apr. 2019

Extending the AWC model at Bullo River

Woylie Wildlife Matters 2018
Issue 36

Wildlife Matters

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Wongalara. Photo by Chris Davenport

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