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An opportunity to partner with a global leader in conservation

Our corporate and not-for-profit partners share our commitment to delivering measurable conservation outcomes that provide hope for Australia’s wildlife and the habitats in which they live.

Our partners enable the scaling up of Australian Wildlife Conservancy’s (AWC) conservation efforts, ultimately achieving tangible biodiversity outcomes together – like restoring populations of critically endangered wildlife.

In addition to being a global leader in conservation for over 30 years, we are advocates for an engaged community where Australia’s biodiversity is valued and effectively conserved by all Australians.

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Partnering with us

Brad Leue/AWC

A unique opportunity to invest in and support conservation at scale

We are committed to sustainable, innovative, and mutually beneficial partnerships that are built on a shared purpose to deliver high impact results for biodiversity.

A partnership with AWC is tailored to your organisation’s objectives and can help you to:

  • Broaden promotional reach and create strong positive brand association,
  • Support your environmental, social and governance (ESG) agenda and reach your ambitious ESG objectives,
  • Sustainably and strategically support collaborative programs with Indigenous Australians,
  • Build employee engagement and offer unique professional development opportunities to staff,
  • Offset carbon omissions by co-investing in field work.
Northern Hairy-nosed Wombat

One size does not fit all

Brad Leue/AWC

An investment made in return for the rights to be associated with an AWC project, asset or program for a specified time, along with other tangible benefits associated with the sponsorship level.

A tax deductible financial gift made to AWC with no expectation of tangible benefits in return, beyond social and/or promotional goodwill.

Development of marketing collaboration for common benefit. Your organisation, product or service is associated with AWC or a specific AWC project, resulting in an anticipated increase in sales, enhanced brand loyalty, and competitive differentiation.

A donation of goods or professional services rather than cash. Tangible benefits may be provided in return.

A process by which employees in an organisation can make small pre-tax gifts that provide a simple yet impactful way for to support some of Australia’s most ambitious and important conservation projects. For employers, workplace giving programs bring staff together, boost morale and reflect the values and beliefs of your organisation.

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Wayne Lawler/AWC