Kids’ Corner

Hi junior scientists!
Welcome to your very own Kids’ Corner – filled with fun facts and cool things to create and explore!
On this page you will meet some of Australia’s most weird and wonderful wildlife and learn about their habitats, favourite foods and what makes them so special.
From your friends at Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), we hope you enjoy learning about some of Australia’s wonderful animals and why it’s so important that we care for them!

Aussie Wildlife Champions' Family Fun Packs

We’ve partnered with Affinity Education Group to combine our conservation and education expertise to create four Aussie Wildlife Champions’ Family Fun Packs for you to download and enjoy at home!

Our Family Fun Packs feature a range of delightful content, activities and imagery to introduce your children to the core principles of conservation and expand their understanding and interest in four of Australia’s unique species: the Crocodile, Bilby, Wombat and Native Bees.

We hope you enjoy this program with your children!

Free Kids' Activities and Craft Packs

Looking for more fun ways to learn about our wildlife? We’ve got loads of fun activities and craft packs for you to enjoy, including:

  • Kids Activity Book
  • Printable Wildlife Mask Kit
  • Wildlife School Labels
  • And more!

Meet our Aussie Wildlife

Do you know how much an Eastern Pygmy Possum weighs? What do Numbats like to eat?

Learn all about your favourite Australian species and find fun activities here. We have lots of animals for you to learn about, including:

How You Can Help

Would you like to help protect Australian wildlife? There are so many ways you can help! Here are just a few ways you can get involved:

  • Dress up for wildlife to help raise awareness for National Threatened Species Day
  • Print your own wildlife school labels to remind others about protecting our precious Australian wildlife
  • Learn some quick talking points so that you can chat to your friends about Australian wildlife and the ways we can all help.

Get Up Close with Aussie Wildlife

Would you like to see some of our iconic species in their native habitat, eating their favourite food, making their homes and more? Watch our wildlife videos to learn about Australian wildlife, the threats they face and how AWC is helping them.

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