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Australia is facing an extinction crisis: more than 1,800 Australian animals and plants are threatened with extinction. Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) is implementing a radical science-based model for conservation – one that is successfully halting the decline and restoring populations of threatened wildlife.

Australia’s wildlife needs your help more than ever.

Please donate and make a difference to threatened wildlife where it counts most – in the field. All donations of AU$2 or more are tax deductible.

All donations made to AWC will be used at its discretion to support the effective conservation of all Australian native animal species and the habitats in which they live.

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Please donate via your local AWC website to ensure your donation is tax deductible. Use the flags in the top right corner of our website to switch regions.

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions about donating to AWC? Below are our most frequently asked questions. Or you can contact us on (08) 9380 9633 to ask a question or donate over the phone.

AWC is implementing a science-based model for conservation that delivers high-impact results. AWC is successfully halting the decline of threatened wildlife and restoring populations of species like the Numbat, Bilby and Purple-crowned Fairywren across a large network of sanctuaries and partnership areas. Importantly, we are producing a high ecological return at a low cost. For more information on how your gift is used, view our latest Impact Report.

If you would like to make a donation on behalf of someone special, please click ‘Donate’ to complete your donation and then create your customised eGift card on the next page.

If you choose to send an eGift to someone special, then you will add their name, email address and a personalised message after making the donation. They will then receive a customised email notifying them of your donation on their behalf.

If you are planning on making an online donation, use your new address and in the comments section of the form include ‘Please note change of address’. Otherwise, please call us on 08 9380 9633, email us at or notify us by post at PO Box 8070, Subiaco East WA 6008.

You can set up a monthly donation above by selecting the box next to ‘Make this a monthly gift’. Alternatively you can download and return a donation form to PO Box 8070, Subiaco East WA 6008, or via email at

To cancel or update the amount of an existing regular donation, give us a call on 08 9380 9633, email us at or by post to PO Box 8070, Subiaco East WA 6008.

To update credit card details, you can either complete a new gift as above and note ‘Updating new card details’ or ‘Updating gift amount’ in the comment field or call us on the above number. We do not recommend emailing us your new card details.

To update direct debit details, complete and return this form to PO Box 8070, Subiaco East WA 6008, or via email at

Notice given for any changes needs to be received 5 business days prior to your next transaction period.

When donating online, you will receive an automated receipt to the email used for the donation. Please check your junk or spam folder if you do not receive this.

For recurring monthly donations made via credit card, your receipt for the full financial year will be sent within 45 days of the conclusion of the financial year.

For any queries regarding receipts, please contact us on 08 9380 9633, email us at or post to PO Box 8070, Subiaco East WA 6008.

If you’re based in the UK or the US, please donate via your local AWC website to ensure your donation is tax deductible.




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Other ways to make a donation

You can phone in your donation by calling us on

+61 (08) 9380 9633

Download a donation form below and email it to

Or mail your donation form to us at Reply Paid 8070 Subiaco East WA 6008 Australia, with your cheque/money order made payable to “Australian Wildlife Conservancy Fund”.