Aussie Wildlife Champions

Australian Wildlife Conservancy x Affinity Education Group

Australia is home to some of the most unique animals in the world. Sadly our biodiversity is under threat, as our species face an increasing risk of extinction.

As we strive to inspire new and emerging generations to care for our country, we have collaborated with Affinity Education Group (Affinity) to combine our conservation and education expertise to co-develop a bespoke Aussie Wildlife Champions education program, including free downloadable Family Fun Packs.

Our Family Fun Packs feature a range of delightful content, activities and imagery to introduce your children to the core principles of conservation and expand their understanding and interest in four of Australia’s unique species: the Crocodile, Bilby, Wombat and Native Bees.

We hope you enjoy this program with your children as they learn to love and care for Australia’s beautiful wildlife and landscapes!

Wombat Family Fun Pack

Wombats have a large head with small eyes, pointy ears, a broad nose and a short neck with soft grey fur and black eye patches. Their legs are short and tubby, but are surprisingly powerful –as they can run up to 40kph! 200 years ago, wombats lived across Australia. Sadly, much of their habitat has since been reduced due to land being dug up for farming and building towns.

Download our Aussie Wildlife Champions Family Fun Pack below to learn all about the wonderful Wombat!

Native Bees

Bees are an amazing group of insects that come in many different sizes, colours and patterns—from black with blue polka dots to yellow, red, shiny green or black with rainbow stripes! Some of our more recognisable native bees include the teddy bear bees, which are fluffy and orange, and the blue-banded bees. None of our native bees are aggressive, and many would prefer not to sting you, so if you do see a bee, stay calm and quiet. That way you’ll help them feel safe and happy!

Learn all about the Australian Native Bee with our Aussie Wildlife Champions Family Fun Pack. Download below!


The Bilby has soft silky grey fur with a white underbelly, and very big ears that help them listen out for predators. The Bilby tail is very long, extending up to 29cm which is almost as long as a school ruler! Bilbies were once found across 70% of Australia but now can only be found in remote parts of western Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia.

Learn all about the beautiful Bilby with our Aussie Wildlife Champions Family Fun Pack. Download below!


There are two species of Australian crocodiles, the saltwater and the freshwater. The saltwater crocodile is the biggest reptile in the world and can grow as long as seven metres. The freshwater crocodile is much smaller growing up to three metres long (which is still almost as tall as two adult human females!). Hunting is a big threat to crocodiles, as people use their skin to make leather for bags, wallets, and belts.

Download the Aussie Wildlife Champions Family Fun Pack below to learn all about the crocodile!

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