Australian Wildlife Conservancy

AWC and Google Earth develop a virtual tour of AWC Sanctuaries

Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC) has collaborated with Google Earth to develop two innovative new mapping products that highlight the scope of AWC’s on-ground conservation work across Australia.

The first is a virtual tour of AWC sanctuaries that brings to life our fight to turn back the tide of extinctions for Australian wildlife.
Click on the You Tube link below to Take The Tour of AWC:

The second project AWC developed with Google Earth visualizes the effects of high-intensity fires on Australia's savanna ecosystems and wildlife. It also shows the impact AWC's EcoFire initiative has had in reducing the extent of wildfires through practical, science-based fire management.
Click on the You Tube link below to learn more about EcoFire:

“Australian Wildlife Conservancy is proud to partner with Google,” said AWC chief executive Atticus Fleming. “The products and technology that Google offer will help us enormously in our core business – delivering practical land management, informed by the best available science. In addition to boosting our operational capacity, Google’s tools also help us connect with people across Australia, promoting awareness of the threats to our unique wildlife and building support for the actions needed to reverse our extinction crisis.”

You can also take the AWC Sanctuaries and EcoFire tours in Google Earth by downloading the zipped KML files:

These exciting new products were first showcased at the launch of Google Earth Outreach for Australia and New Zealand in Sydney on Monday November 5. With Google Earth Outreach, non-profit organisations like AWC can use Google mapping tools to visualise their causes and tell their stories to millions of people around the world.