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Andy Howe
Andy Howe
Piccaninny PlainsBrooklynMount Zero-TaravaleBowraCurramorePungalina-Seven Emu
Senior Field Ecologist
Special skills / qualifications
Bachelor of Applied Science – Wildlife Biology and Conservation and Park Management.
What did you do before AWC?
I worked for Australia Zoo in the wildlife rescue department which involved rescuing sick and injured wildlife from frogs and skinks right up to whales and kangaroos. I have also worked as an environmental advisor in the mining and gas industries. Most recently I worked on the largest koala tracking and monitoring project ever undertaken which was in north Brisbane – over 500 koalas! Plus lots of volunteer work with AWC, sea turtles and Asian elephants.
Favourite animal protected by AWC
Numbat and any Sea Turtles that nest along Pungalina’s coastline.
Favourite place on an AWC sanctuary
Wenlock River in Cape York.
Top three animals you would like to see (or have seen) in the wild
Mountain gorillas, Orcas and Emperor Penguins.
If you could visit any three places on the planet
Antarctica, West Africa and Scandinavia.
Other interesting stuff
I once had a lung infection from rescuing a beached melon-headed whale and breathing in its blow-hole breath!