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Mark Mclaren
Mark Mclaren
Sanctuary Manager - Kalamurina
Special skills / qualifications
Twenty five years living and working in remote places undertaking various roles has given me a great platform for the work ahead at Kalamurina.

I am always prepared to do what's needed to overcome any new challenges.
What did you do before AWC?
Working on remote properties:
- I lived and worked on Fraser Island.
- As a Site Supervisor in PNG, I deconstructed a crusher plant for shipping, then when it arrived in PNG I put it back together and trained the locals in how to operate and maintain it.
- Driller on remote gold-mining sites.
Favourite animal protected by AWC
Letter-winged Kite (Ghost of the Desert).
Favourite place on an AWC sanctuary
Kalamurina - this space isn't big enough.
Top three animals you would like to see (or have seen) in the wild
Letter-winged Kite, Grey Falcon and I will keep looking for the Desert Rat Kangaroo.
If you could visit any three places on the planet
Antarctica, PNG and Tasmania.
Other interesting stuff
I am a keen 'birdo', photographer and man of few words.